Wilderness Camping at its Best!

We can take the load off!

Enjoy the Eagle Cap Wilderness without the pain of getting there; use your energy to hike, fish and explore the high country instead. Drop camps are tailored for your needs, from a simple one-way pack-in to full guided trips that include shelter and cooked meals!

If we don't have a trip to suit you, we'll make one to fit your needs.

Eagle Cap Wilderness High Country

Non-refundable 40% deposit on all pack trip bookings. Balance due 30 days prior to trip and absolutely no refunds after this date.


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$200 per person per day
4 person minimum 2 night minimum

We furnish the complete camp. This includes riding horses, pack stock, guide, wranglers, cooking and food. You furnish only your personal gear including clothing, sleeping bags, foam pad or air mattress and fishing gear. It takes approximately 4 hours to get to camp which is nestled in an alpine meadow with a rippling brook flowing through it. Your wrangler and cook will explain the many options you have for the next day's adventure. It may include short rides, hiking or longer rides to a lake or mountain peak to look over God's creation. The brook trout are plentiful if fishing is your thing or you might want to just sit around, read and laugh at those caught in traffic in the big cities. No alcohol provided. All deluxe trips are tent style.

Summer Drop Camps

We furnish packers, riding horses and pack animals to transport you and your gear to a chosen campsite, pristine lake or high alpine meadow. We return on a prearranged date to transport you back to the point of beginning.

We do not leave riding horses in camp. Usually, one mule is needed for each camper in a group. Mules carry 120lbs. No single items over 60lbs. $300 trip minimum.

$160 per day
$90 per day
$90 per day

Hikers Gear Drop


This is for people who wish to ride in and hike out or hike both ways and have their backpacks dropped at a prearranged location. A mule carries two 60lb. backpacks for a trip price of $300 one way.

SPECIAL: Two mules carry backpacks for 3 or 4 people for $340 one way.

Packer and One Mule $300 per day
Additional Pack Animals (per animal, per day) $90 per day
Riding Horses(per animal, per day) $90 per day
(Lostine River trailheads $100.00  extra per trip)

Eagle Cap Wilderness FAQs

The Eagle Cap Wilderness is the largest wilderness in the state of Oregon. The peaks range up to 9,845 ft. and down to 3,600 ft. containing 53 lakes and a small ice field. There is fishing in most of the lakes and streams and an abundance of wildflowers, birds and wildlife.

Contact Info

Wes Gorbett
541-432-4145 (Office)
541-962-5900 (Wes Cell)
59761 Wallowa Lake Hwy
Joseph, Oregon 97846
For more information about pack trips, day rides, gear drops, set-up camps and hunting please drop us an e-mail HERE